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What the Reviews Say

There are your typical rehearsal studios, then there’s ELITE SOUND STUDIOS.  Spacious, professional, well equipped and secure, with a great stage and performance space, this is the kind of rehearsal room that every band AND crew will love!

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Dee Snider
Elite Sound Studio is above and beyond the best rehearsal space I’ve ever worked with. Amazing gear, secluded environment, you can rehearse full shows and the sound rules. 
Can’t get any better than that!
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Charlie Bellmore – Dee Snider/Kings and Liars/Jasta

Elite Sound Studios and their staff are top notch and KILLCODE loves rehearsing there! Great gear, sound, and a tremendous stage that will serve all of your R-N-R needs!

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Tom Morrissey – KILLCODE

After a long lay off from the music business I’m proud to say that I’m back in the frey with the help of my good friends at Elite Sound Studios. A top notch facility with top notch people at the helm. Everything you need as a musician can be found here. Big staging, lighting, and sound . Whether your rehearsing or producing a video shoot , Elite is the place to be.

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Frank Sweedler – Two Timer
ELITE SOUND STUDIOS has become my “home base” studio when im not on tour. Huge stage, all pro backline, seasoned engineers and a full staff that treats every client with professionalism.
The atmosphere here is very welcoming with a festival-style experience within itself!
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Russell Pzütto – Dee Snider band

We searched high and low for the perfect place to shoot a music video for one of our clients.  After almost a month of searching, we found Elite Sound Studios to be the perfect fit! The studio and staff worked tirelessly to make sure the production went perfectly. I would highly recommend Evolution Studios. They know the business!”

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Ron Cote – Pristine Productions LLC.